Origin Productions
My Megan

My Megan


About the film

My Megan is a short film about cognitive bias. The main character is so engrossed in his reality that he fails to consider possible alternatives. The thematic subplots ground the characters and combine with the music and performances to achieve a tense psychological drama.

The short film is a proof-of-concept for an in-development feature film, expanding the same characters and world that the short film created.


Written and Directed By

Sheffield Leithart

Produced By

Caleb Applegate
Chet Hervey


Written by James Watson
Performed by Eightch


Justin Spencer — Sean Stephens
Alice Marks
— Megan Stephens
Tom Williamson
— Fred Hamilton

Donna Grauke — Septuagenarian
David Hathaway
— Policeman
Tom Isenberg
— Doctor
Alexis Stevenson
— Pregnant woman
Nathan Stevenson
— Man


Andy Patch — Director of Photography
Paul Sheffield — Editor
Bryan Gosline — Gaffer
Nick Palmieri — Key Grip
Will Knecht — First Assistant Camera
David Shannon — Assistant Editor, DIT, Audio Technician
Ivey Conerly — Audio Technician
Kevin Gamble — Foley Artist
Emily Spencer — Costume Designer
Kat Hervey — Hair and Makeup
Laura Leithart — Craft Services and Props
Janna Shaw — Craft Services
Summer Stokes — Production Assistant
Joe Harby — Production Assistant