My Megan

Status: Short film complete. In feature development.

Summary: A man obsessed with serial killers thinks his wife might be one.

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Timshel, Montana

Status: Script

Summary: Ten years after his father’s tragic death, Adam Jones returns to family’s cattle ranch in Montana. He begins the process of healing himself and his broken relationships only to find that his father’s death wasn’t what it seemed.


Fight No More, Forever

Status: Pilot Script

Summary: The remarkable, tragic story of the Nez Perce tribe who, in 1877 were forced from their homes and fought their way on an epic 1,170 mile journey from freedom only to be stopped 30 miles from the Canadian border.


Short Film Series: The Best of Life

Status: In Production

Summary: The most important moments of life in five minutes or less.


Handsome and Gretyl Music Videos

Status: In development

Summary: Music videos for the Pacific Northwest, husband and wife band.


From the Dirt

Status: In development

Summary: Stories of farmers around the world.

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